A Solution for the Cockpit, On Ramp, Maintenance, and Beyond.

VR can reduce training time by 40% and improve performance by 70%.

With Virti's interactive video we put the trainee in a simulation where there is real danger (e.g. Ramp agents tying up equipment and are at risk of damaging the equipment of the aircraft and themselves ) – Virti can remove this real risk. This also applies to all trades including baggage loaders.

VR is flexible - 58% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace and in their own time. Use Virti to augment what is done in the simulator using interactive video and virtual humans as co-pilots or trainer.

Virti - Interactive Video PlatformPlay

For Pilots

Master specialist skills through repetition without extra costs.

For On the Ramp, and Maintenance Teams

Accurate, repeatable and standardized training of new staff (and re hired staff) who have complex roles.

According to PwC studies, it was shown that VR learners were:

faster to train than in the classroom.


more confident to apply skills learned after training.

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