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Our Culture

Virti’s mission is to improve human performance by making experiential education affordable and accessible to everyone on the planet. Revolutionising how employees learn, train and perform.

The Virti Story
Be Bold.
Be Fast.
Be Amazing.

We dream big to deliver our mission of improving human performance. We are proactive owners and don't seek permission for something that we know needs to be done.

We build at lightning speed to ensure we achieve our mission. We get things done with passion and efficiency. We respond to messages and actions with pace and energy.

We deliver beyond expectations. We are passionate about attention to detail and continuous learning. We love Kaizen processes and getting things checked.

Our Values

Our behaviours are born from our values. Because values are only words until you put them into action.

Attention To Detail

We are Bold and Fast and Amazing. To be Amazing everything we do, no matter how fast, we do diligently and with high attention to detail.

Show Me The Data

Everything we do is backed-up by data and this informs our strategy. We don't make assumptions; we compare data trends and then make evidence-based decisions. 

Always Be Learning

We challenge ourselves, doing difficult things each day and levelling-up our skills. We might make mistakes but we reflect, learn and improve.

Benefits & Perks

When you work at Virti, you not only get to be a part of an awesome team driving the future of learning, you're also offered great benefits:

25 days vacation + public holidays and flexible schedules
$800 USD for home-office set-up
20% side-hustle time to work on projects
Coaching culture and self-development
Virti SWAG (journal, hoody and more on graduation)
Fully remote, global team

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