Case Studies


The Challenge

Mölnlycke are a world-leading medical designs solution company who support health care professionals across the world by sharing their specialist knowledge.

One of their current projects is to support wound care teams across the NHS by providing specialist wound care training to generalist nurses, podiatrists, and other healthcare professionals..

Historically, wound care has been delivered by wound care specialist nurses who have expert knowledge in how to treat non-healing or slow to heal wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).

This care is now increasingly being carried out by generalist nurses such as district, practice and ward nurses, and healthcare assistants, who may not have as much specific experience in treating DFUs.

Specialist training needs to be easily accessible for nurses and podiatrists across the UK to ensure that patients receive the best care possible.

Face-to-face training isn’t always convenient or scalable, can be expensive and with the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer always practical.

The simulations offered on demand training that can scale training significantly
Andrew Sharpe, Senior Podiatrist

The Solution

Mölnlycke used Virti as a scalable training platform that uses artificial intelligence and virtual and augmented reality to transport learners into scenarios, allowing them to practise in a safe environment, develop new skills and analyse their performance.
Mölnlycke created a series of 360 video simulations of DFU procedures that nurses and podiatrists can experience, interact with and learn from.
The simulations can be accessed via VR headsets to support face-to-face training or remotely via mobile phone so that learners can practice on-demand.

The Simulations

Senior prodiatrists identifies 5 key scenarios across diabetic footsore including ABPI measurement, peripheral vascular examination, venous and arterial ulvr care and patient communication and wound dressing.

The Impact

Improvement In Confidence

The Results

Over 100 learners across England were given access to the immersive learning experiences on wound care.

District, practice and ward nurses, and healthcare assistants gained more confidence and experience in treating DFUs and patients received improved wound care as a result

Podiatrists and tissue viability nurses who are already specialists in the area were able to easily access refresher training on demand.

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