Case Studies

Premium Service Brands

The Challenge

Premium Service Brands is an industry leading home services franchisor. Premium Service Brands exists to inspire people to find, embrace, and unleash the power of extraordinary.

As a franchisor PSB identified a significant need to upskill and reskill managers at franchises more quickly to ensure franchisee success and minimise churn and lost revenue. In particular they identified soft-skills across sales training and customer success onboarding as a major focus area to drive revenue.

This ground breaking project was loved by learners and helped us tackle a real problem.
Deb Jewell, President of Performance

The Solution

PSB identified an opportunity to bring learning to life and enhance the current offering for learners through a VR learning solution, enabling managers to practice consistently engaging conversations in a challenging but safe environment.

Studies have shown that immersive Virtual Reality (VR)/Gamification based training is up to 4x more effective at training soft skills than classroom and e-learning. The VR immersive experience boosts the confidence of newly hired managers by providing opportunities to practice leading meetings, having engaging conversations or giving performance evaluations.

The Simulations

Over 20 simulations were created from scratch for Franchise Onboarding Training; 15x Virtual Humans and; 5x 360 Videos, i) a arrival, ii) needs analysis, iii) diagnosis, iv) proposal, and  v) mid-repair follow up.  

All simulations allowed the learner to navigate through a number of decisions and consequences using what they have learned during the Onboarding Training program.

Content used both video and AI-powered virtual humans to deliver remote training scenarios.

The Impact

Improvement In Confidence


Faster Onboarding

The Results

Results captured were overwhelmingly positive. Learners reported increased confidence in soft-skills and felt the skills to be highly applicable to real life. 75% would revisit the learning via laptop vs 95% via a VR Headset. 100% would like their Team Leads and Line Managers to add more experiences in a VR training environment.

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