Collect data on employee experience
and feedback pre- and post-training

Experience Management

Our feedback suite allows for realtime employee feedback to be collected and analysed from within the platform.

Realtime Actionable Insights

Access secure, anonymised data and export custom reports 24/7 comparing feedback and surveys with training and learning experiences.

Flexible Engagement

Create focused feedback forms and surveys in minutes and customise how and when employees engage with feedback.


Form Creation

The quickest and easiest way to gather
actionable feedback from your employees.
Get started in minutes.

No-Code Creator

Optimised for speed of creation, our forms can be created and deployed in minutes.

Qualitative Feedback

Collect free-text responses from your employees and analyse qualitative feedback at scale.

Quantitative Feedback

Collect and format scores on key questions and add validation to form responses.

Feedback gives your team a voice.
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Form Deployment

Share forms via mobile app, web form
and in XR

Engage employees at the right time, before, during or after experiences to ensure maximum response rates. Integrate feedback into learning experiences and mandate pre- or post-training feedback.


Feedback Analytics

Analyse your data automatically using our real-time analytics suite.

Visualise Data

To draw clear conclusions, you need clear visuals. Form analytics are concise and user friendly, with graphs and charts that are simple to read and interpret.

Sentiment Analysis

Analyze free-text comments for keywords and sentiment. Compare responses across your organisation to look at overall sentiment and save time.

Realtime Collection

Gain insights in realtime and quickly respond to feedback. Export full data reports for feedback periods for detailed offline analysis.



Make your people your biggest champions

In-Work Experience

Collect the insights you need to implement change and drive innovation – growing engagement, improving productivity, and nurturing talent.


Collect data on employee mood, well-being and engagement to highlight burnout and churn early to managers. See the effects of new initiatives as you implement them.

Pre- and Post-Training

Gain insight into how useful employees found your in-person or digital training. Track training and course feedback for improvement and compliance.

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