Healthcare Training

Healthcare Training

Improve patient safety and reduce HCP burnout

Immersive HCP training for medical device and simulation centers.

A study published in the BMJ cited medical error as the third leading cause of death in the United States and a cost to health providers of upwards of $20Bn in payouts. Evidence also suggests that poor communication skills can be attributed as the cause of most patient complaints.

Burnout, performance and patient safety are linked and burnout is prevalent in the health profession highlighted by the BMJ.
For medical device companies it can be costly training HCPs and supporting surgeons in the field and fostering engagement remotely or at events.


Immersive technology should be integrated into teaching curriculums and provide ROI to both HCPs and organisations.
Interactive video-based training can be used to scale surgical training while virtual patients and feedback tools can help scale standardised patients and collect employee well-being and feedback data in real time.

Medical Device

At Virti, we aim to make your product launch easier, more cost-effective and scalable; from product readiness, to market preparation, launch and post-launch tracking we work with you to deliver results. Reduce rep travel costs and support surgeons and HCPs in the field with immersive video and feedback tools.

Interactive Video drives learner engagement.
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Remote Immersive Training

Our platform helps you to engage and effectively train your healthcare workforce remotely. Bespoke training content meeting your organisational goals can be deployed at scale with a focus on infrequent, high-risk clinical events together with soft skills training for health professionals at all stages.

Improve Training

Designed by simulation experts

Save Money

Reduce costs vs physical, in-person training

Save Time

Train more professionals in less time

Save Lives

Make mistakes in simulation not on real patients

Reduce Error

Personalised, objective feedback on performance

Equity of Access

Improve health training globally regardless of location


Patient Safety

On-the-job training can be serendipitous depending on the department, hospital or region a health professional is working in. There is variation in training methods as well as actual techniques used by trainers. Virti provides you with the tools to more conveniently deliver training and the data insights to then standardise learning and translate this into clinical practise with the goal to improve human performance and therefore patient safety.

Scale healthcare training.

reduction in skill-fade post-training for employees


increase in knowledge gain for healthcare professionals

What we wanted to do was
increase the exposure to simulated
training environments without
having to actually take the
HCPs to the training centres
in the region, which usually costs
a huge amount of money and is
logistically hard to arrange”.
Paul Duvall, L&D Lead, University of Liverpool School of Medicine

Practice Safely
Under Pressure

One of the big issues with traditional, face-to-face training is recreating the stress and emotion of real clinical practise and being able to collect data on performance at scale. We help you deliver immersive training simulations that allow your health professionals to make mistakes and learn from them in a safe environment.

Knowledge Retention

Deliver just-in-time training to your workforce using cognitive learning insights to reduce skill-fade and deliver ROI on training spend.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Health professionals who feel underprepared and work beyond their limits risk burnout and are more likely to make errors.

Scale Training Fast

Intuitive immersive experiences for self-guided or facilitator-led sessions, with adaptive learning paths and assessments.

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