Interactive Video

Create interactive video learning experiences
and analyse performance in the cloud

Cloud Storage

Our cloud-based video platform enables you to store and manage training videos for your organisation

Secure Media Management

Enterprise video hosting and secure storage accessible from anywhere. Auto transcoding that streams to mobile, desktop and AR/VR headsets.

Team and User Collaboration

Get feedback on video edits from team members. Empower learners to create their own video content and approve and publish their content.

IntEractive Video

2D and 360 Video

Scale face-to-face, experiential training fast

Video Creation Suite

Our video creation tools enable existing libraries of video to be made interactive and analysed using artificial intelligence.

End-To-End Deployment

Remote management of content and software across devices and locations, including telemetry and data transfer.

Learning Experiences

Intuitive immersive experiences for self-guided or facilitator-led sessions, with adaptive learning paths and assessments.



Create learning journeys and course modules for your video training

Link video training and set assessment scores that automatically progress the learner. Review training compliance and progress across learners.

Decision Trees

Create interactive branching decision trees guided by L&D best practices with rich data-collection capabilities to engage, assess and analyse users and their behaviour

Game Design

Use leaderboards, points and groups to challenge learners and create engaging learning experiences. Train remotely anywhere, anytime on any device.


Engage users and develop and analyse team work skills by hosting a peer-led or facilitator led multiplayer session via mobile, desktop or headsets.

Interactive Video

Predictive Analytics

Our Analytics Engine uses artificial intelligence to turn subjective feedback into objective data with unique data science insights and predictive analytics on training performance.

Performance Analysis

Task completion and responses under pressure to evaluate knowledge and application.

Behavioural Analysis

User attention analysis including head-tracking, speed of actions and decision. Experience activity, completion and peer comparison.

Sentiment Analysis

Qualitative feedback and quantitative analysis of soft-skills such as communication and team work.

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