Get Your Employees To Value Faster and Reduce Churn

Engage employees with a positive learning experience during the onboarding process.

Research by Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improved new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. With up to 20% of staff turnover occurring within the first 45 days of employment, a standardized onboarding process is essential.

When employees are onboarded with consistency and reinforcement techniques like retrieval practice, companies see a 27% faster time to productivity and their new hires see a 61% higher retention of information during the first 30-days after initial onboarding.

Reduce onboarding time.

avg employee ramp time using Virti


avg eNPS using Virti feedback

We reduced our new doctor onboarding by over 60%, reducing trainer time, cost and time spent on-site using Virti.
Russell Metcalfe-Smith, Simulation Director, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
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