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Our mission is to improve human performance by making experiential training affordable and accessible to everyone on the planet.

Built With Surgical Precision

Our founder Alex is a trauma and orthopaedic surgeon with a passion for training and making things better for the workforce. He is also a gamer and previously founded an education technology company.The best training that he received was on-the-job, face-to-face training from expert surgeons however this wasn’t always convenient, wasn’t repeatable

and there was variation between training techniques and trainers.The dream was to build a scalable training platform that could be accessed on demand, was fun to use and that could turn subjective information (like communication skills) into objective data for comparison to improve human performance and reduce error.

Reducing Error and Improving Performance

For sectors outside of healthcare traditional training is delivered via text books, videos and expensive face-to-face training sessions. These experiences lack the emotion and stress of the real world leaving employees under-prepared with no objective way to know if they will perform when it matters.

According to a study published in the BMJ medical error is the third leading cause of death in the United States and costs health providers upwards of $20Bn in payouts. Evidence also suggests that poor communication skills can be attributed as the cause of most patient complaints, hence Virti’s focus on soft-skills training.

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