Soft skills

Scale your organisation's EQ

Where are you having the most difficult conversations?

Organisations are facing a growing soft skills gap. Recent studies found that 59% of surveyed hiring managers and 89% of executives reported difficulty recruiting candidates with the requisite soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership.

Soft skills are a top priority for talent development and are some of the most valuable professional skills an employee can have. Many companies are moving to permanent remote work without access to in-person training making traditional role-play challenging.

Build Empathy

Simulations provide a low-pressure way to practice high stakes conversations and foster an emotional connection for learners. Difficult conversations across leadership, HR, sales, customer service and more can be practised safely on demand, across mobile, desktop and in XR headsets with avatars.

Capture Data

Recreate the stress and emotion of challenging conversations and capture data on employee decisions and behavioural response. Virti allows your organisation to identify high EQ employees, set standards, level-up your workforce empathy and drive human behavior changes.

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