Workplace Training

Workplace Training

The Future of Workplace Learning

Enterprise immersive training to strengthen engagement and performance

Experiential training immerses the learner in a customized virtual environment. Get higher impact from your training programs while dramatically reducing overall training expenses. Collect feedback, eNPS and employee well-being data to ensure your training is impacting change.

As learners interact with the virtual world, they make decisions just as they would in the physical world, activating the same neural pathways in the brain and allowing for analysis of these decisions, driving a holistic experience that drives true behavioral change.

Technical Skills

Live and on-demand interactive video can be used to capture existing training quickly and collect data while making it available to your entire workforce, saving time, money and setting new standards for learning.

Soft Skills

Our AI-powered virtual humans allow for digital soft-skills role play on desktop, mobile and in XR headsets. Develop your workforce's EQ and use virtual reality to build empathy and human skills.

Digital training provides unique benefits.

increase in knowledge gain for employees


reduction in skill-fade post-training for employees

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