Case Studies


The Challenge

Amazon onboard hundreds of new hire Managers every year in their Fulfilment Center network in order to delight customers worldwide. The Managers lead large teams of associates in a fast-paced and innovative environments.

In order to support Amazon’s goal of becoming ‘Earth’s best employer’, Managers are equipped with a wide range of skills such as safety management, personal development and leading engaging conversations.

Providing a variety of realistic scenarios for Managers to experience within training was key to success, but was challenging. The EU Customer Fulfilment L&D team had moved away from traditional training methods, such as exclusively classroom-based trainings and role plays which were difficult to scale, unrealistic, and did not always provide a safe space for learners to practice and fail.

"We chose Virti because we wanted to create a bridge between teaching theory and first-time practice in real life. We wanted to bridge that gap through challenging, hyper-realistic training which is easy to create, edit, implement and maintain within our learning programs."
Frank Mouat, Senior Learning Program Manager

The Solution

According to studies, immersive VR/Gamification based training is up to 4 times more effective in training soft skills than traditional classroom and linear e-learning methods.

The Amazon L&D team identified an opportunity to bring learning to life and enhance their 3-day face-to-face training for managers through Virti's immersive VR (virtual reality) learning solution.

To enable managers to virtually practice consistently engaging conversations in a challenging but safe environment, the team worked with Virti to develop a series of custom training scenarios which accurately depicted the challenges managers face on the job.

The Simulations

The content was first storyboarded by content owners in the training team, filmed using a 360 camera over a two-day period, and edited together into a branching scenario digital learning experience on Virti.

Four scenarios were created to allow learners to navigate through a number of decisions and consequences using what they have learned during the Manager Onboarding Training program:

  • 1x Virtual Human role playing scenario where the learner practices a conversation with a colleague who is requesting additional resources;
  • 3x 360 Video role playing scenarios: i) conducting a developmental 1:1 with a Line Manager, ii) running a team meeting, and, iii) leading an engaging conversation with an Associate.

The Impact

are likely to recommend the VR experience to a colleague.


feel better prepared to approach a real-life scenario following the VR training.


of learners wanted to revisit the training via a VR Headset vs 75% via a laptop.


of learners would like their Line Managers to experience VR training too.

The Results

The results captured from Amazon's pilot were overwhelmingly positive.

The new managers participating in the pilot were asked to complete a short survey within the Virti platform, with learners also expressing interest in experiencing more VR training in areas like disciplinary meetings, investigations, safety walks and hazard identification.

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