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There is a better
way to learn at work.line

Inspired by the real world, not the classroom.

It’s called immersive learning and it will transform
the results of your training programmes. 

Hard Skill Training

Hard Skill Training

increase in knowledge gain.
Soft Skills Role Play

Soft Skills Role Play

more effective role plays in your company style.
Knowledge Retention

Knowledge Retention

reduction in knowledge fade.
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What you won’t
find anywhere else

We use immersive training technology to replicate high pressure real world work situations. 

This is how our unique software makes that happen.

Screenshot of the platform
  • VR
  • 360

Real world 360 Video

Simple to create interactive video with built in content to test and score comprehension
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  • VR
  • 360

Human Avatar AI Powered Roleplay

Learn as if you are in the room with avatars that interact like real people
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  • VR
  • 360

Virtual Reality Environments

Deeper immersion with built in virtual reality features
Screenshot of the platform featuring the performance analytics
  • VR
  • 360

Automated Performance Analysis

Instantly spot good and poor performance and know where to improve in seconds
Customer satisfaction
We chose Virti because we wanted to create a bridge between teaching theory and first-time practice in real life. We wanted to bridge that gap through challenging, hyper-realistic training which is easy to create, edit, implement and maintain within our learning programs.
Frank Mouat
Learning Program Manager at Amazon
From the beginning when we presented Virti with our vision of developing novel interactive 360 virtual reality diversity, equity, and inclusion learning platforms, Virti worked as a valued team member every step of the way. They were not just a vendor, they believed in our vision and became part of our development team.
Jim Rinehart
Director Clinical Skills and Simulation
Northeast Georgia Health System and Graduate Medical Education
Virti provides a very user-friendly user interface, which not only allows [those] without an engineering background to develop lesson plans painlessly but also effectively and objectively evaluates learners. Virti can greatly augment the teaching capacity and significantly improve the learning outcomes.
Lewis Chang
Head of Medical VR, HTC VIVE
Virti has been a key development partner in creating our asynchronous simulation training for Mental Health scenarios. Virti's intuitive platform allowed our team to quickly develop and iterate 360 interactive training content, which formed the basis of our Champions programme; a turn-key solution for large organisations.
James Pathan,
Director of Operations, Maudsley

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