Virtual Humans

Create AI-powered virtual humans on mobile,
desktop and in AR/VR to scale soft-skills training

Behaviour Change

Drive behaviour change in your organisation with AI-powered virtual humans to train soft-skills

Reduce The Soft-Skills Gap

A growing gap exists for the workforce of the future across interpersonal, leadership, customer service, and teamwork-related skills. Our no-code, customisable virtual humans allow for scalable soft-skills training on demand across your organisation.

Avatar-Based Conversational Analysis

Allow safe, repetitive practise anytime and from anywhere on desktop, mobile or in headsets to scale soft-skills training for your organisation. Our design team uses state of the art motion capture and gaming technology to develop our computer-generated (CG) avatars and environments which learners can speak with in real time.

Virtual Humans

Conversation Creation

Create your own virtual human training
experiences using our no-code creation tools

No-Code Creation

Immersive content creation tools, based on behavioral science and L&D best practices with rich data-collection capabilities.

End-To-End Deployment

Remote management of content and software across devices and locations, including telemetry and data transfer.

Learning Experiences

Intuitive immersive experiences for self-guided or facilitator-led sessions, with adaptive learning paths and assessments.

Virtual humans

End-To-End Delivery

Deploy via desktop streaming, mobile app and XR devices, connecting with learners anywhere and at any time

Our virtual humans have been uniquely designed for each delivery medium; desktop, mobile and XR meaning learners get an optimised experience. Localisation, language and security meet the needs of your organisation.

Natural Language Processing

NLP analysis of user conversational responses at the individual and organisational level to identify skill-gaps and deliver personalised feedback to learners.

Behavioural Analytics

User attention analysis including eye-tracking, speed of actions and decision mapping to conversation history. Understand why learners perform actions.

Reflection Analysis

Set objectives and scores for learner comparative analysis and allow learners to reflect on the experiences analysing responses.

virtual humans


Save time building soft-skills scenarios with pre-configured templates


Practise delivering bad news, handling performance reviews and making key decisions under-pressure to develop leaders.

Human Resources

Develop coaching and mentoring skills and improve experiences such as hiring, exit interviews, conflict resolution while reducing bias and improving equality and diversity.

Sales and Service

Improve negotiation and closing skills while building rapport using virtual avatar role-plays customised to your product and organisation.

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